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Welcome to my website.

My name is Eric Owen Daniel.   I was born in Moses Lake, Washington at Samaritan Hospital on February 16, 1989 at 10:10A.M.  My parents are Trisha L. Martin and Richard O. Daniel.  I currently have 7 brothers who live in different places.  Currently, 2 of my mom’s children (me and one of my brothers) live with my Grandfather and Aunt in Mansfield, WA.  2 of them live with their father, step mother, and step sister in Ephrata, WA. 1 of them lives by himself.  1 of them lives with their father in Bridgeport, WA, 2 of them live with Aunt Chris in Bridgeport, WA. My mother is currently deceased, as well as my grandmother on my father’s side of the family (my dad’s mom).  My great grandmother who I had lived with for quite some time has also passed away...  My father lives with his wife somewhere in Wenatchee, Washington and I have not seen my father much since I was 4 years old.

                        Now some information about my mom's side of the family. My mom's parents are Sandra (goes by sandy) and Arlet Martin (goes by Bud). My mom has 2 sisters and one brother. Arlet and Sandy had 4 children. My mom's sisters names are Christine (goes by Chris) and Lori (we call her Lolo), her brothers name is Arlet Jr. (goes by Buddy and we call him bubba). My mom is the oldest of the 4 children.

Now some information about my father's side of the family. My father's parents are Alana Sandoval and Jack Daniel. Jack and Alana (my grandparents) were not seeing each other any more by the time I was born so I don't know much about my grandfather Jack. My Grandma Alana I know a little bit. She had 4 children. They were Martha, Lavora, Richard (my dad), and William (goes by Billy). I know that my parents (Trisha and Richard) were married in the backyard of Grandma Alana's. My grandma Alana remarried a man named Jose Sandoval and he is the one my brother Aaron and I have known as grandpa for my dad's side of the family.

So, are you ready to learn about more family? Well, my aunt Lori has 4 children (my cousins. Mercedes, Michael, Raquel, and Innesa). My aunt Chris has 2 children (Nadia and Adrianna). My Uncle Arlet/buddy has 4 children (Devyn, Brandon, Coalten, and Britney). My Aunt Martha has 2 children (Moreo and Sara). My Aunt Lavora has 3 children (Michael, Alana and Jessica). Well, that's pretty much all you need to know about my family.



          I had an interesting first couple of years in this world; I don’t remember any of it.  However, when I was 2 years old, my first brother was welcomed to the world. On January 16, 1991, my brother Aaron Daniel was born at Death Valley Hospital in Brewster, Washington.  I don’t know what happened between the time I was 2 till the time I was 4. When I was 4, my mother and father got a divorce, my mother met a new guy named Victor, we stayed with my grandmother sandy and grandfather Arlet for a while and then we moved to their house in Moses Lake, Washington.  I am not sure of the date, year, or where my next brothers were born but my third brother would be born when I was between the ages of 4-6.  My second brother is the son of Victor, his name is Victor Jr. and he is known to all of us (the 8 children of my mom’s) as papa.  About 1½-2 years later, my third brother was born and his name was Brice, his father is also Victor.  A little while after Brice was born; Victor and my mother broke up.  My mom moved to Bridgeport, Washington with all of us. There, she met another guy named Bernardo. They went out for a while and then he started to live with us, not long after they met, another child was being born.  My fourth brother was born, his name was Dyllon Suazo. His father is Bernardo.  A little while after Dyllon was born, Bernardo found out that his mother was dying in Mexico so he had to leave my mother to go to his mother in Mexico.  We never saw him again.  Not long after Bernardo left, my mother met another guy named Cesar Gonzalez.  After they met,  they got married, and then they had a child together. My fifth brother is Zachary Gonzalez. His father is Cesar. Cesar started to be abusive after they were married. My mom started to be scared and was planning on leaving. One time, Cesar told my mom that if he can't have her nobody will. That was a threat. So my mom decided to stay for a little while and than one day she was tired of it so she decided to leave him. My mom and Cesar worked out a deal that he can have Zachary and nothing else will happen, they can both move on. After being split up for a while, my mom met another guy, his name was Daniel Ruiz.  With him my mom had the last two children: Tony and Carlos.

 After Zachary was born, Aaron and I stayed with Cesar’s parents in Bridgeport.  We were there for a while.  A little bit later for uncertain reasons to me, my mother and Cesar were going to move to Moses Lake, Washington.  My brothers Victor Jr. and Brice had moved in with their father. My brother Aaron and I stayed with Cesar’s parents when they went to Moses Lake so that we could finish school.  After the school year was over, my brother Aaron and I went to Moses Lake with Cesar and my mother.  I stayed with them for a while and Cesar had become abusive.  This was not the first abusive relationship my mom has been in.  I heard that my father was a drunk and abusive to my mother. Thus, there divorce.  Victor was also abusive.  Cesar however, was/is the worst by far.  I went to stay with my great grandmother Maida Martin (my grandfather/mom’s dad, their mom/grandma).  Since I was staying with her I attended Peninsula Elementary School. 

After 5th grade at Peninsula, I went to the Alternative Middle School.  At the time I fist went there it was located in portables at Midway Middle School (the school I first attended for preschool and kindergarten).  I graduated from there in 2003 and for High School, I still went to the Alternative, however, it had moved to the base in Moses Lake.  Now at a new building, I started High School.   I had pretty good grades.  I had bad grades in one class, art.  Because of this I had to repeat 9th grade.  I went to CBSS (Columbia Basin Secondary School) until June 6, 2007 when I graduated). 

  On June 13th 2007 I moved up to Spokane Valley, WA and attended ITT Technical school hoping to get a bachelors degree in Computer Networking.  However, it was hard for me to find jobs, finally I heard about staffing company’s where you would work for a day or week at a time doing a job and later move on to another job.  The pay was every day or week depending on the job assignment.  I didn’t make enough doing this because there weren’t many jobs to be filled that I was qualified to do.  My roommate and I were not getting along to well, and his father was getting upset because his son was paying all the rent because I didn’t make enough money to pay my portion of the rent.  In January of 2008, I ended up having to come back to Moses Lake, WA and live with my Aunt Lori and Uncle Jose again. 

I wanted to find a job in Moses Lake after returning. I thought I would have an easier time getting a job here in Moses Lake then I did in Spokane.  I had 3 interviews, 1 at Safeway, 1 at the gas station hillstop and 1 at Barrett Business Services.  Safeway didn’t hire me, Hillstop said I wasn’t old enough and Barrett Business Services was sort of like a staffing company.  Barrett hired me to do a job.  I was put to work here in Moses Lake, WA at a potatoes plant called Simplot.  I was hired on March 12, 2008 and started working at Simplot on March 13, 2008. I started in a sanitation position, in this position I was trained by a guy named Andres Rodriguez.  I did sanitation for about 4-5 weeks.  BBSI (Barrett Business Services) told me that I will be going to a different position.   My second position was Packaging P.I (product Inspector).  In this position, I did something called stripping (I would take bags of fries and put them on to something called a shaker and the fries would go to the packaging line in order to be shipped out).  I was in this position for a while.  In April, I went to a different position, Quality Assurance (QA).  In this position, I tested potatoes products to make sure the product was good before they shipped the product to the customer. I was trained and qualified by Sally Johnson.  On June 13th BBSI called me and told me I will be rolled over[1].  On June 22, 2008, I was officially a Simplot employee. 

I will talk about some tragedy that has happened in my family now:

Sometime in the year 2004 (I think it was toward the end of the year) my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  She had to go to Chemotherapy in Spokane, WA.  She would stay in a motel when she was in Spokane a few days and go to Chemotherapy.  A few times, my brother Aaron and I would go with her.  Sadly, In February of 2005, my mother died in Samaritan Hospital (the same hospital that I was born in). Her funeral was one day before Valentines, and two days before my 16th birthday. It was a very dramatic experience for me and the rest of the family as well. If that wasn't enough, later this year, December of 2005, my Grandma Alana (dad's mom) died a couple days before Christmas. A couple months before her death she was in a major car accident where her car went off the road when she was on her way to work. She said that she went out of control on ice and when she tired to stay on the road, she overcorrected herself and ended up crashing. She had to have surgery on one of her shoulders. A few weeks after her surgery she had to go to the hospital in Brewster, WA and she would die there later the same day. My brother Aaron and I would go to her funeral a few weeks after her death. This was a major event in the family on my dad's side. So, for me, I had lost family on both my mom's and dad's side of the family. It was traumatic. And if this wasn't bad enough, my Great Grandma had a stroke in April of 2006. After school was out for 2006, I had to choose to come and live with my grandparents (mom's parents) in Mansfield, WA (small town near Bridgeport, WA) or to live with my Aunt Lori and her husband and children in Moses Lake, WA. I chose to stay in Moses Lake with my aunt, her husband, and kids because that way I could graduate the school which I have attended ever since the 9th grade-CBSS.   In october 2009, my grandma maida had passed away due to her age, she was 90. In 2010, My Grandma Sandy was diagnosed with cancer. She had cancer throughout her entire body. She had to go to chemothropy. In 2011, she had pretty much given up and my grandpa and her decided to get hospice. Not long after hospice care started, she had passed away because of the cancer.

Now some information about Martial Arts I participated in

In the year 1999, I was with Grandma Maida and I had started my adventure in a sport I never thought I would be in for a long time but I am still practicing today. That is known as Martial Arts.  In 1999, my Grandma Maida took me to a Karate School known Moses Lake School of Karate.  The instructor there was known as Sensei[2] Terri Stone.  I was there until the middle of 2000 and then Sensei Stone had to move to Quincy because his father was dying, the school closed.  I still wanted to do Martial Arts so in the beginning of 2001, my grandmother introduced me to a son of one of her friends who practiced Martial Arts, and his name was Cale Merkeley.  Cale studied under an instructor named Corey Minatani.  The name of the dojo[3] was Freewind Martial Arts.  The first night I was there, Sensei Minatani said that I could just watch the class and tell him what I thought of the class and so that I would know what they practice there.  I watched the class, liked it, was entertained, and started the following week.  I got my first belt (gold belt) in November of 2001.  I still continued to learn and grow in Freewind Martial Arts.  In about 2003, Sensei Minatani moved to Ellensburg, Washington to attend College.  He left the dojo to one of his top students, Juan Tanguma.  Shortly after his move, the dojo was closed because the bill had to be paid and there were not enough students to pay for tuition so the bill could be paid.  This was a sad time for me, this was the second Martial Art School I had been to that had closed, and I was sort of disappointed. However, I learned that one of the students (Ross Goodwin) had a garage we could all practice in so Juan said we can go there for classes, Juan taught class there a couple times and had to leave for personal reasons.  Ross and a couple other people (including myself) had continued to practice in the garage.  I had found out (by email I believe) that Corey was going to have some classes in Ellensburg.  Through determination, and my grandma Maida helping me, I found rides to Ellensburg to attend Corey’s classes. About 5 or 6 months later, Corey said he was moving to Massachusetts to study with one of his instructors.  Since he had to move, I just had to practice with Ross and their group.  In about 2005, Corey said he was going to come back to Washington, but it would be in Coulee City.   Again, through determination and my Great Grandma Maida for rides as well as some other people giving me rides, I got to go to Corey’s classes in Coulee City.  In 2007, Corey gave his last class in Coulee City because he was moving back to Moses Lake.  Since his move to Moses Lake, he has had classes in a dojo for a while and then it ended and since it ended, Corey just does private lessons for his students that are willing to continue in this system.  However, in 2007 after graduation, I moved to Spokane, WA to attend college at ITT Tech.  I didn’t know if I would be able to do Martial Arts when I went to Spokane and then I found out that another one of Corey’s top students: Cale Merkeley (yes the guy my grandma Maida introduced me to) was teaching classes in Cheney, WA so I attended them until about November or December and then Cale had to move back to Moses Lake.  I stayed in Spokane not going to any schools of Martial Arts and had lots of financial difficulties and ended up having to come back to Moses Lake, WA and live with my Aunt Lori once again. Since coming back to Moses Lake, I have just done private lessons with Corey a few times.  So, I guess you could say that I am a dedicated student to the Freewind Martial Art group (which has been renamed Goshinkan).    

Now what happened?


On July 28,2010 I was fired from Simplot for oversleeping break. Simplot was basically the only job I had that lasted for 2 years and was all I knew at that time. I decided to go to WorkSource to try to get into the workforce again. One of the worksource workers was Sensei Corey Minatani. Corey said that it is going to be hard to get a job with a firing on my record and that Simplot was the only job that really counts when writing a resume. Corey asked me if I had any mental illness, I told him that I was in Special ED in school and had an IEP. Corey suggested that I go to DVR(Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) which was in the same building. So I went to talk to them. They had 2 coulselors (Fred and Kathi) and Tami is the one who did the interview process to see if the person quilifies for the program than sends to one of the coulselors if you do. I showed her my IEP. She though that was some proof but needed more so they had me see a pshcologist who diagnosed me with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Dysthymic Disorder. With this diagnosis I was qualified for the program. They helped me get some work clothes and than they sent me to a company called Service Alternatives that would help me prepare for a job, prepare for an interview, and help me with job seeking skills. Finally, in December 2010, I went to an interview at wal-mart and got hired as a courtesy clerk. I was doing pretty good as a courtesy clerk. Than I had a little bit of trouble for hitting a car and not telling anybody and for a couple other things. Than in December 2011, I went to a 15 minute break and was on the break for 40 minutes. After that happened, the next day I was called into the managers office, they gave me my last check and i was terminated.

Due to the fact I had the disorders I was diagnosed with and the fact that I was terminated from 2 jobs for sleeping on break, I decided to apply for social security instead of looking for another job because 2 terminations on my record didn't look vary good. In January 2012, I applied for Social Security and since I had no income, I gave up my place of living in Moses Lake, WA and moved in with my Grandpa in Mansfield, WA. Currently, I am living with my grandpa and waiting for social security to make their decision. I have a lot of unpaid bills and so I have started the process of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. In order to deal with everything happening right now and in the past, I am attending a counseling center called Recovery Innovations. At Recovery Innovations I have one counselor I talk to every 2 weeks and I also attend a variety of classes that they have available to help "recover" from the diagnosis' I have been diagnosed with. I go to the classes tuesdays and thursdays from 10 A.M to 4 P.M. My transportation is through People for People. They will take me to any medicaid related appointments.

I have had a long jorney in life so far but it's not over, I have a lot more to learn and grow from. I hope to get on disability for a while. Than by the skills I am learning at Recovery Innovations, hopefully one day I will "recover" from my diagnosis and be able to return to the working world. I hold a lot of hope from this because I heard that one of the counselors at RI was on disability for a while but than got off it eventually and returned to the working world. That's the end of my story for  now.

You can email me at eodaniel18@yahoo.com  or eodaniel182012@gmail.com  you have a cool website for me to check out, email me at the yahoo email.Also, check out the pictures I have on here and there is even a blog under the news section. If you want to check out some of the websites that I like, click on the links and check them out

Above is a link that says donate. The reason for this is because I am trying to earn some money so that I could get out of debt and after that, I plan on making donations to the American Canecer Association because my mother passed away of pancreatic cancer. My situation right now is that I am unemployed and living with family. I have no income at all but I am trying to apply for Social Security Disability.


My favorite Baseball team is the Seattle Mariners. What is your's? email me your opinion!




This is me in Martial Arts.  

                This is a picture of all 8 boys my mom had. We are celebrating her birthday at the graveyard.


Favorite Quotes

"tell me and i'll forget, show me, and i may not remember, involve me, and I'll understand". Native American Saying


"What we see depends largely on what we look for" Japanese proverb


"To win one hundred victories in on hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill". Sun Tzu


"As you think, so shall you become" Bruce Lee


"Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against" Bruce Lee


"To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person" Bruce lee


"You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it" Einstein


"Victory belongs to the most persevering" Napoleon


"Most people have the will to win; few people have the will to prepare to win" Bobby Knight


"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude" Zig Ziglar


"You can disagree without being disagreeable" Zig Ziglar


"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression" Zig Ziglar


                                       Favorite Bible Verses

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

The Lord has made everything for his own purpose Proverbs 16:4

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails Proverbs 19:21


Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it Proverbs 22:6





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